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Racing Car, 201 Pce

Racing Car, 201 Pce



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Description: Hit high speeds with this fantastic Construct It F1 Racing Car which is the latest part of the amazing Construct It line. With Construct It children get to use real tools and real engineering skills to make awesome vehicles and structures! The Construct It range of building sets is fast becoming the most popular with kids and parents. The reason for this is the sets offer children far more interactivity and fun than standard block building sets. They get to use actual real tools (which come included in the box) and they learn the basics of engineering as the screw and snap each metal plate into the right place. It is a great deal of fun, but thanks to Construct It sets being themed around STEM learning they are picking up new skills as they go. This F1 Racing Car is really cool and they will love putting it together. The instructions for this set break down each step of the building process. This helps children better understand what to do and makes the set more fun. As this set contains over 200 pieces, they can use these along with their newly developed skills to come up with their own vehicles and structures too! Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features: This is one fast and cool F1 Racing Car, Each Construct It set comes with a set of real tools right in the box!


Brand: Construct It

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