Product Images

The images and colours of the products are a guide only and may not be totally representative of the actual product.

Stock Levels

The product stock levels for each store are correct as of the date & time on each product page. Should you not be able to purchase the goods or services via this website, we cannot be responsible for stock being sold out when you arrive in store.

Should the goods or services not be available once an order has been placed, Cheap as Chips reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the value of the transaction to the previously used payment method. Cheap as Chips do not accept liability for any other costs other than the value of the transaction which goods and services cannot be provided.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure our stores have sufficient stock, there are short periods whereby they are mid-delivery and thus may not have it in stock when you call.

Assorted Goods

Products and services offered on this website may include assorted goods. Due to the nature of Assorted Goods, (asst, assort, asstd) Cheap as Chips cannot guarantee the variation of product selected and will be provided at random.